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Farstrup-Mortensen Lecture Series

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Friday, February 23 2018

2018 Lecture Series at the Bethania Lutheran Church: Unbelievable God?

Location: Bethania Lutheran Church

603 Atterdag Road Solvang, CA

2018 Series: Unbelievable God?

Slated for February 23-25, 2018, with Professors John Caputo and Brandon Scott speaking, this year’s series will mark our 33rd anniversary of presenting world-class scholars and educators who present reasoned and scholarly interpretations based on current evidence. Our 2018 distinguished speakers are both outstanding scholars, authors, and Fellows of the Westar Institute—home of the Jesus Seminar.

Dr. John Caputo is arguably one of the leading God philosophers/theologians of our time. He was also an associate and interpreter of Jacques Derrida’s postmodern deconstructionist philosophy. Dr. Caputo brings us both deep thinking and a delightful flavor of the Parisian café culture during the golden age of postmodernism.

Dr. Brandon Scott is a leading Biblical scholar of our time, focusing on Jesus’ parables and the “New Paul.” Dr. Scott’s views will challenge all of us to re-evaluate some of the jaded ideas and thoughts of the past.


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